Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hello, Good Morning, and Goodbye!

Another year has passed and I cannot believe that time flies in front of my very eyes. I must say that 2009 was one hell of a year and I am totally thankful for what ever happened to me during those times. But now it's passed, it is time for me to concentrate more on up coming projects. Projects that have been on my mind for the past couple of years, but never have the time to actually turn it to reality.
One of the projects that has to be done during 2010 is the most important project. Something that was so important that I actually use it to name my blog. I need bigger closet and I need to redecorate my room. This has to be done. I cannot stand my clothes being scattered around my room and no, I don't have any plans on donating any of them yet.
I want my room to have this kind of feeling. Warm feeling with soft colors. Very girlie and very unlike me (by unlike me means unlike the way I dressed most of the time). Somehow having this kind of room seems to be out of character for me, but that is the reason why I want this kind of room more than I want a pair of shoes. YES, more than a pair of shoes.

With this kind of drawers and closet (of course in a much larger size and maybe different colors)...


And this kind of chair....

And I can imagine that my room would be complete with this kind of knick-knacks (all in pretty colors)...

I think it is important that your room really describe who you really are or at least portray something you really love. I want my room to be something very warm, something to come home to, something that make you fall in love, something sweet, and something lovely. Most of the people who think that they know me, would never thought I would like things like this. I love lovely things and no, I don't think that you should be a girlie girl to like those kind of stuff :)