Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Oh How Very Unfortunate Of Me

I love books. I love movies. I love movies that was based from a book, even though it is not always as good as the book. There's this book by Lemony Snicket, which I love very very much. I love how it is very dark and gloomy and the fact that it is a children book, which I am not sure of, makes it even more attractive. Somehow some brilliant director decided that it was going to be a beautiful movie, which was true. IT IS a lovely movie. With lovely cast. And lovely dresses.
This movie is somehow forgotten until recently when I stumbled upon the review of the movie in one of the blog I visited, and I hate the fact that I don't even remember whether I've seen this movie or not. A Series Of Unfortunate Events is one of my favorite book that I obsessively waited on and actually read from beginning to end (yes, all 13 of them). I remembered watching it, but I didn't remember how the story begins or ends. I'm starting to think that probably I haven't watch it, but I've read it so I imagined what the movie would be like. Huh?? I'm confused.
So, about this movie....I love how the character dress up. And I love how it was very dark colored (I mean, it is a gloomy movie). I love how it is NOT a romantic-happy-ending kind of story. I love how they search for character that wasn't too far away from MY imagination (even better, I might add), so it is easier for me to relate the movie to the book. I love a lot of things about this movie, of which I don't remember watching. Ha!

I can see why watching this movie can be such a heavy dose for my brain, for it is full of imagination and unrealistic things. But I am so sure, that if I remember watching this movie, I would kill myself for not remembering it!!

*What's happening to me?? I am very confused!!*

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