Friday, March 12, 2010

By Anything Means Fashion Shows

I have never reviewed ANYTHING in this blog. Not because I can't. But because my job requires me to reviewed stuff. By stuff I mean like everything, from fashion to restaurant to music. Which I like to do, don't get me wrong. I love it, but it's a lot of reviewing. So when I updated my blog, I'd rather tell stories than just giving out my reviews, again. Anyways, I wanted to do a little bit of reviewing.

Paris Fashion Week Fall 2010

1. Lanvin
Although I know the detailing must be crazy in this one, but I'm not a big fan...I'm sorry.

Hello red coat, I want you. I want you so bad. ( I wish it's cold enough here to wear that kind of coat..)

This dress. This dress, I love. The assymetric shape of the dress where the other end is longer than the other one and the other sleeve is bigger than the other, you know. That kinda thing that tickles in all the right spots. Makes you smile.

Not screaming and jumping of my seat, but yeah...forgivable.

Oh, I am in heaven when I saw this jumpsuit. I really really want you. I would wear you day and night. The shoes, the belt and the necklace is the perfect combination. But I'd probably loose the gloves. It's striking already that you don't need anything else, it just distracted you from all the good stuff.

Not a fan of this over sized blazer-like coat. It's just too simple for me.

See, the assymetrical type again? Me like. Me want.

Here's another. Uh, check out the shoes. That's a killer one right there.

Again, not my favorite dress. But check out the shoes...There's a black version of it. I like.

2. Haider Ackermann

Now, do you know why I said I don't like the blazer like coat from Lanvin (by I don't like means I am not a big fan of the kind of over sized blazer-like coat that he designs)?
This is why. Whoa...I am in love with this whatever-you-name-it design. With the color combination and big collar and that slit in the front. Oh My God. Love. Love. Love.
* If u were mine, I would have paired you with a white dress or skirt. IN LOVE*

3. Hussein Chalayan
This is also why. See? Simply black. Very well structured too.

This one is a playful nude khaki color. I'm liking the sloppy neckline...Not really liking the sleeves..If only...

This one is the beaded one. I like it. But maybe not for me. I'd probably drown in these dress.

4. Yves Saint Laurent
I am loving everything about this dress. But you know, when you do have the money to buy this dress, you would probably pick it in your own favorite color. Mine would be dusty pink.

5. Dries Van Noten
Mmm...I don't hate it. But somehow, there's something missing from this ensemble. I think it's the black bag that's taking this outfit a bit down. Maybe pair it with the brown?

I am totally in to this grey sweater. And also to the half tucked in, half messy kind of styling.

I like the dress, I like the blazer, I like the shoes, and I love the color. It's not gonna work for me though, but I still like this.

Oh my god. This is my THING. This is it, right here. I love the blazer, the pants, the grey shirt underneath, the shoes, the bag, and the sunglass. It's perfect. Everything is on the right place. The color combination, is my favorite.

I'd say that I would like to have that trench coat. But that would not make any sense in my tropical country.

I don't know about this one. It's not that it's ugly. But I think I would pair this t-shirt with the pants from the first picture and pair those navy blue coat and black and grey sweater from the first picture with this purple skirt to tone it down a bit. Don't you think?

Hhmm..I don't know about this one. Suddenly, it's like he ran out of ideas and tried to complete the color combination with this ugly thing. Plain. No accessories. It's like this just finished maybe a minute before this. Why? You could've add something to it....A sunglasses and a coat would be perfect.

Okay. That's about it now. I am very tired and I'm not feeling like reviewing anymore collection from Paris Fashion Week. I am off thinking about having the grey assymetrical dress and jumpsuit from Lanvin, grey coat from HaiderAckermann, and my dusty pink Yves Saint Laurent dress. Of course you know that it was all just my imagination. I'm off to bed.

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