Sunday, May 9, 2010


Movies has always been my thing. I am the kind of person that can sit and watch like 2 to 3 movies in one night and still wanting for more (if I haven't fall asleep or have to rush somewhere). Just like everything else in my life, the kind of movie that I like is always random. And just like music, I try to watch every kind of movie, according to my mood. I don't mind watching chick flick or sometimes action movies, just for the sake of watching it. Heck, I'd watch a documentary if I feel like it....And I also know that most people watch movies, don't deny it. And I think it's time to share my favorite movies, so far....

1. Stranger Than Fiction

This movie is like my favorite. I love everything about this movie. I love the character, the story, the moral of the story, and the graphics in the movie (I don't know what you call the numbers and counters of how many times he brushes his teeth and everything else, seriously). I love the fact that he brought her flours instead of flowers (that is like my favorite part, ever. And I don't think that any movie ever trumps that, ever). That is so romantic, is it not??

2. Nightmare before Christmas

Isn't it romantic?? As morbid as it sounds, this two creatures are full of love. Unlike chuky, they are cute. Are they not? And Tim Burton made the movie, which makes it even more attractive and dark and I LOVE IT.

3. Dancer In The Dark

Don't tell me you didn't feel any amount of sadness when you watch this movie. Other than the fact that Bjork played her part extremely good and the fact that she's almost blind and she was given a death sentence for something that wasn't her fault. And the fact that she sings seconds before she was hanged, this one actually gives me chills. And the fact that it's Bjork who played it makes this movie irresistible to watch. So please don't tell me that you haven't watch this movie...

4. Across The Universe

It's a musical. With Beatles' Song. How can you don't love it? (other than that, I had no other things to say)

5. The Fall

All I know that this movie has the best scenery ever. It was shot all around the world and one of the places they shoot it is in Bali. Their color combination is like the best, the sky is always blue with white fluffy clouds that looks like a cotton candy, the scenery is amazing, the costume is insane, the story is just so sweet and sad and funny and I don't know what else to say than....YOU MUST SEE THIS MOVIE!!

*There must be more movies that I love and would like to share...But right now, I kinda forgot hahaha*

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