Sunday, September 5, 2010


It is hard to remember Lindsay's younger days since she emerges as one of Hollywood's sexy siren. When I saw this 'private party' of hers from Muse magazine a few while back, the picture of her parent trap days flew out the window and in exchange, this smoking hot editorials linger in my mind. Her mind blowing video, directed by Yu Tsai for Muse magazine is even hotter up to the point where the uncensored version is banned from many websites. Adapted from Kate Moss and Johnny Depp's photo shoot through out their 4 years relation ship in the 90's, this editorials actually replaced the existence of their peer picture, even only for a little while.

Just incase you wanted to check out Lindsay Lohan and Yu Tsai's video for muse magazine, I decided to upload the censored version (I know...It sucks), but this is the only one I could find.

Enjoy :)

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