Thursday, January 27, 2011


Sorry for my lack of attention to the blog posting lately...Been very very busy with a lot of things this few weeks and when I do have a free time, I'd rather use it to rest and do nothing (plus I did go on a 5 day trip to Bangkok with my family). I have tons of homework. And I can't wait to finish everything and start new things. Go on a vacation first, and then start doing new things, such as going to school.

In the mean time, I will leave you pictures of shoes. Shoes I would love to own and wear and kiss and caress and give them names and treat them as if they are my child.

(This Prada shoes would just totally rock my wardrobe)

(there's something about this Marni wedges that I always love, no matter what color. This one specially)

(If shoes have wings, I prefer them like this. So they can only fly in pairs...)

(this shoes....this shoes is really hard to explain with all the things going on. The jagged sole, the grey net, with the white and green bow...But I think that is the reason why I love this shoes even more.)

(This boots looks very comfortable, no?)

(Oh God, please. I want this one soooo bad.)

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