Thursday, May 8, 2014


One of my proudest moment is actually to be a part of an exhibition. These picture is a collaboration between so many artist put together into one. Photographer Hilarius Jason, fashion designer Radityo Puspoyo for his brand RAD, graphic designer Akira Kimata for his brand NQBQ, fashion stylist Arsy Medina, and fabric designer Belda Farika for her home ware product Loom all collaborate together to create an amazing collection. Exhibited at The Foundry no.8 on March 2013. 

I know it has been a year since then. But it is still worth the post. 

Photographer: Hilarius Jason
Fashion Stylist: Arsy Medina
Model: Valeriya Bilenko
Make Up Artist: Dewi Darmawan
Location: Yesterday Lounge, Antasari 66

Special thanks to everyone involved, none of this could've happened without your tremendous support :)

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