Monday, November 16, 2009

One Hell Of A Weekend = One Shitty Monday

Today is THE day. The day where I stand in front of my closet choosing, thinking and trying to find the ONE thing that I want to wear. The ONE thing that complement my mood. The ONE thing that I really really really want to wear. AND I COULDN'T FIND IT. And it sets me off to a bad mood, instantly. I need to re-do my closet. Seriously. Ugh...I don't wanna talk about clothes. I am so not in the mood talking about it. Cause I have yet no solution what so ever on how to handle this problem.
My day started with a lot of confusion and lazyness. I decided to wear a very disturbingly lousy T-shirt. A t-shirt so lousy that I actually wore to sleep. That is exactly how shitty it was, and exactly how shitty I am today. My weekend on the other hand, was a blast. It was too much of a blast, that I didn't remember much of it except for glimpse of light, sounds, and so many people. It was all a blur. BUT IT WAS FUN!! Watching The Misshapes and Franz Ferdinand are the highlight of it all. It is funny, every highlight of my days is usually music and friends. Music and friends together, is just one cocktail mix that will never get me bored, EVER.
Sooooo.....I need, need, need, to talk about music. Music that I am so crazy about. Music that calms me down. Music that gives me inspiration. Music that I listened to and never got bored. Music that keeps me company no matter what the occasion is. Music that I wake up to every morning. Music that I sang to when I'm taking a shower. Music that stole my heart the moment I listen to them, or at least worth a mock but actually sticks in your head. Music. Music. MUSIC!!

I don't know why my life is very inspired by music. Every single thing I do in every single time of my life, it usually involves music. No matter what, I'd try to listen to them. It gives me strength. And when I'm in a bad mood, music is what calms me down. I love music so much that when I left my ipod at home, I'd panic and it actually sets me off to an even worse mood. Anywhere anytime I am allowed to listen to music, then it is when anything that can play music comes in handy. Ipod, earphone, and music equals perfection. Peace and serenity is what comes after music. Sleepy is what comes after all that buzz.

And now I'm off to bed. You can guess why.........

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