Thursday, November 19, 2009

Will The Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up!?!?

For the past month, I have been looking at this shady kinda like photography everywhere. I remember about them when I'm searching for a reference or ideas or inspiration everywhere. When I open a magazine, I would find them. When I open the internet, I would find them. When I open my email, I would find them emailed to me by my friend/boss as a reference for a project we're working on. I would find them EVERYWHERE. And it's kinda freaky. And I kinda like it.

It's like finding some peaceful melody that played in your head repeatedly. Noooo, it is not a bad thing. I can assure you that, in between all of the hustle bustle of my city and it's surroundings and your job, whatever that is, YOU NEED SOLITUDE. I admit that every once in a while, I would come home to my very quiet room with no music and actually loved it. I mean no music!!?? That's kinda fucked up, no?? But sometimes, when I'm THAT tired, I did that.

Somehow looking at these pictures, it gives me that solitude, the inner peace, the calmness, and it made my brain produce good thoughts. Happy thoughts. Mellow thoughts. Ambient songs. Old Hollywood movies. Flowery gardens and its secret doors to the fantasy world where unicorns and fairies lived happily.

Have you found your fairies yet? How about unicorns? Do they whisper you anything? Do they tell you any secrets on living happily ever after? Hmm...I'll let you get back to that.

Click here and here for the sources of the photos.

Ps. Thanks to my shady friends for having a shady conversation at a shady office pantry on a shady day....

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