Tuesday, November 23, 2010


This killer cutout wedge is from Finsk and they are to die for....Although it would be crazy scary to walk on, I'd probably would love to have one.

Spike earrings?? I liiiikkeee.....

I found that this shape of sunglasses really fits me. This Quay sunglasses is a bit rounded, but not actually round. I have the cheap monday one, but they don't have one in this black tortoise print.

I have been looking for this kind of sweater. I really wish I have one.

I haven't give up trying to find a perfect parka for my body type. I'm very small and I couldn't find one that looks oversized without actually being oversized. I wish I could try on this parka from Harmon...

I don't know how exactly you wear this dress by C.neeon But I love it. I love the draping in the front, it's enough to hide your tummy without being to overwhelming. Perfect.

This white top by Ann Yee really caught my attention. I think they look amazing and I can already imagine what I can wear it with. I think they would look good on me :p

Big. Black. Slouchy. You can put anything on it and still fits more. This Surface To Air bag got my vote.

I love this sheer and see through sleeves combination that Anastasia Lomonova did for this dress. I think it's sexy without being revealing. And I would love to have one.

I love love love the suede, leather and dark wood combination. I want this Minimarket wedge wood heel. Aaarrgghh....

Another one from Anastasia Lomonova. The sheer thingy is so intensely inviting it's creeping me out...

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