Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Looking at this girl with a Dad tattoo on her wrists makes me think about my own tribute tattoo to mine only that I haven't yet make. I've been waiting for the "moment" to come, you know when you suddenly wake up and think that..."Dad, today is the day I'm making one for you.", and then you went there and make one. You know, that day will come. My Ganesh tattoo awaits....


  1. That is such a beautiful tattoo. :))

    I actually want to get one like that, not exactly, but I want the names of my most loved people written in cursive on the back of my neck as a tattoo. (when I turn 18, of course.)

    I love your blog!!

    Check mine out, if you feel like it.



  2. Hey, Shelly. Thanks...You should have their names tattooed in the back of your neck, I think it's cool, but ofcourse after you turn 18 and after you put a lot of consideration. I had my first one when I was 24 if I'm not mistaken...I have 3 tattoos now, and still waiting for the right moment to make my dad's and sibling's tribute (because it hurts a looott) hihihi :p

    I read your blog...We have a couple of things in common, I work as a freelance music and art writer, I love fashion and been working as a fashion stylist for 3 years, and I love love love art.

    We should talk more, you know....To see what are the people in your city looks like and what kind of things inspire you :)