Sunday, July 3, 2011


All this time, I have no courage to watch The Inconvenient Truth, or open the book written by Al Gore about the global warming. And I know I'm probably years to late to write about it or write something that is inspired by it. I also know that I didn't get to finish the movie, because I fell asleep (typical me)...But the first half of the movie is still stuck on my mind.
I am super concerned about global warming, not like I can do major changes about it by myself thou. But I am still concerned. And somehow deep inside my brain, when I know summer is coming, I can feel the ice melting even more in the North Pole. And if what Al Gore is saying was right, in 5 years time (if I'm not mistaken) the iceberg will be all gone and the world would have been floded by streams of ice cold water. How creepy is that?
I have been trying my best to never throw garbage where it's not suppose to. I am now more into the tote bag method when I'm shopping. I am now more aware on water and energy saving. And I have tried to warn my friends about it. I hope the small changes I make can help the world become a better place.

So, what have you done to save the world?

Happy Sunday :)

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