Saturday, July 2, 2011


This is one sight that I know will never happen to where I live. I am not pessimistic or negative at all, but I just don't think so. Although sometimes, miracle happens. And when they do happen, I would actually enjoy it so much that probably I'd camp on site just to enjoy this view for as long as it takes. Can you just imagine camping there, with the sky looking like that at night? Sitting next to a bon fire with a group of friends you enjoy so much, having dinner together and sipping wine. If someone could play guitar and sing, that would be just the perfect imagination. I am a very good imaginary, thank you very much. I think imagination is very healthy for your brain. It may come in a thousand forms. May it be just day dreaming, drawing, painting or writing stories...Imagination sometimes is what makes it worth while.

Let's just hope that this picture is not just an imagination. I hope this really does happen somewhere in somewhat hemisphere, so I know I have a chance on being able to see it happen in front of my own eyes and do exactly what I imagined earlier.

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