Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Summer is here!! I am so excited. Regardless of my post yesterday about the global warming. I wish this global warming thing is just an issue, it seems inevitable, because the weather has been up and down. It even still rain nowadays and colder in the past couple of days. But here's a couple of things I love about summer...

The beach and everything that relates to beach activities and beach wears.

The sun and all the activities that you can do under it and capture with your camera. Oh, I miss them so much.

The music that really really makes you notice that summer is here. All those kind of music you listen while you were doing things under the sun.

The colors that certainly will pop out everywhere since people are starting to dress in the colors of the fruits. And not to mention, the fruits on summer. Ooh, I prefer to serve them cold or frozen like shaved ice :)

And the one and outmost wonderful things that could happen on a summer day...Is a wonderful summer sky. Bright blue with the sun shinning soooo bright and the sunset in the color of a tangerine that I could never forget.

Cheerios and have a wonderful summer!!

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