Thursday, October 29, 2009

I am soooo proud!!

I have been waiting to post my latest work, of which I assist as always, because the magazine is not out yet. And now that it's out, I am freee to post it. I am so proud of how it comes out. Zinnia Zubaida and I have been working on Swank Glossy's magazine cover, cover spread, and the look fashion spread for their pret-a-party issue or their November - December issue. We've been working with some amazing people for all of this project. I am so thrilled to let you all see how it comes out.
The photographer, Arseto Adiputra, is like one of the best young photographer that you can work with in Jakarta. He's been working for a lot of magazines here, and a couple magazines in South East Asia. He's super rad. You can check his works here.
The make up artist, Philip Kwok, is also one of the well known make up artist in Jakarta, if not in Indonesia. He's done a lot of works for a lot of magazine in Indonesia. His works is amazing.
The models, Cathy Sharon and Julie Estelle, are siblings. They are super pretty and super nice, not to mention stylish as well. Cathy ended up buying a couple of things from the shots, which is always a good thing for the stylist because then you know that what you pick is awesome.
Well, I don't wanna waste more time explaining about the shots. I'm just gonna post it. These are a couple photos from the cover spread.

Here is a couple of behind the scene's picture.

The happy and joyous team from Swank Glossy magazine + crews.

I was gonna post the pictures from the look fashion spread, but somehow I don't know where I put the files. It is lost somewhere in the system of my computer. But I promise, I will post it really soon.

Oh, and last but not least...I am happy to announce that I will be joining the Swank Glossy Magazine's team starting November '09. Permanently. Double YEAY!! So, if you'll excuse me. I am off to prepare a couple of things for my first day at Swank Glossy.

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