Monday, October 19, 2009

A rack of dreamy shoes

Shoes has been my obsession for as long as I remembered. It's been on my mind, and will stay there for the rest of my life. Shoes, unlike anything else in my closet, is something I cherished and wear with pride every time I walked out of the house. I think shoes is the best accessories a women can have to complement their whole outfit and it can make a statement on its own. As a woman who love shoes, I think I share the same thought that you can NEVER have enough shoes, ever.
These are the shoes that I've been eye-ing for...I probably won't have enough money to purchase one, let alone all of them. I don't know why most of it is in black, but mostly because I think black shoes will never get out of fashion, and it can get away with anything.

Oh wait, it's not just women's shoes. I love men's shoes too. If only they have it in my size, I'd probably own at least one of them. But you can't have it all, right?? darn it!

Can you see why I love them? I can't wait to shovel this shoes to my boyfriend's throat (if only I have one)...HA....

If I was blessed with countless money, I have no doubt that my closet will be filled with these amazing shoes and most likely to keep it there until they are no longer usable.

You can click here for where I found all this mouth watering shoes. Now, I'm going to day dream about having them all, and how I would wear them...I swear it gives me chills just talking about it. Soo, I'm gonna let you do the same....

But before I go off to another dimension...I would like to share THIS.

The Mother of all shoes. THIS is from Alexander Mcqueen's Paris Spring 2010 Fashion Show. I have nothing left to say. THIS would be the perfect shoes to wear to my futuristic theme halloween party, no?? All I can think of is how beautiful an alien could be walking around in this shoes...Hhh...

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