Friday, October 16, 2009

I see everything in black and white before I faint

Seriously, have you ever blacked out?? I have... I saw everything in black and white seconds before it happened. I think it's amazing. It's like entering a world full of flappers and pompadours. But the somewhat fainting idea that follows is not such a very good feeling. HA...

On the other hand...If this is what I saw before I faint, then I wouldn't mind fainting....

As you can see, I don't feel the need to declare my love for black and white photography (or any kinds of photography) anymore. I have been in love with it for years and I would not stop loving them and collecting them.

And now, ehm, I would like to pledge guilty because I uploaded some of the picture from my computer and for that matter, I don't have the url and I have difficulties finding them for the second time. You can click here, and here for the website where I found all of them, but you're gonna have to find them yourself. Good luck :)

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