Saturday, October 17, 2009

Me, me, meeee!!!!

I have been working as a freelance Fashion stylist since late 2007. The very first time I worked as a stylist is when my best friend asked me to assist him, and we worked for 24 hours full. I got in the studio at 6.30 in the morning and got off at 8 in the morning the next day. I thought to my self, this is it. I don't wanna do it anymore. But then the second job, and the next that follows actually makes me realize that this job is the right one for me. Despite taking Interior Design as a major in the University, I continued doing freelance job and started to fall in love even more with the fashion world. I don't have a lot of cards on my plates yet, but I am content with what I've been doing for the past 2 years. I have been thankful to the people who introduced me to this world and would never stop thanking them.

The 2 picture above was the result of my first job as an assistant wardrobe stylist, EVER. I'm quite proud with the result. Even after 24 hour spent inside a studio, getting pretty bored because of nothing to do and yada yada yada, we can still deliver a good styling for the picture. I am also amazed by how all the people work, it is 3 o'clock in the morning when we started shooting the second one afterall. ck ck ck... Kudos to the band I styled, d'massiv, for having such patient.

My first job freelancing for a magazine is for ELLE Indonesia for their june 2008 issue as an assistant to my dear friend, Zinnia Zubaida. We worked with Giampiero Gastaldi, a photographer from Italy that has been working with a lot of fashion magazine across the globe. I am quite lucky to have worked with such amazing people on my early stage of my career.
Hhmm, I wonder what good would it bring for the next chapter of my life as a fashion stylist...

Anyways, those 2 work up there are the works that made me fall deeper in love with the fashion world. I still have a lot of work related post to share with all of you readers, but I'm gonna have to wait since my internet connection is kinda screwed up. Sigh...

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