Sunday, October 18, 2009

Oh Please, Just Rock That Boat.

You probably know by now that I enjoy fashion and photography very much. But what you didn't know that most of my past time is spent watching movies. Shitty movies, action movies, comedies, romantic comedies, I mean seriously anything. The last 2 movies I watched was Inglorious Basterds and The Boat That Rocked. I have to say, those 2 movies are the best movie I watched in the last couple of weeks. Sucks huh??
Anyways, I was so fascinated by The Boat That Rocked. I LOVE IT would be the perfect word to describe how much I like the movie. The fashion, and the soundtrack of the movie would be how I see my life if only I was born in the 50's and live my days in the 60's. I see myself wearing those kind of clothing, listening to those kinds of music and that particular radio station, and not to mention I would be one of the girl who drools over the men living on that boat. Needless to say, I would be part of the movement.

For those of you who haven't watched the movie, probably this teaser would be enough to tease you. But mostly, you can see how much fun this movie can be to be apart of. I can imagine people working on this film is such fun to be with or to spend time with. The music it self is one reason for people to go see this movie. The fashion is another story. You just can't set that aside. I can't see why you're not interested to even watch it, just for fun...
But the one reason that is enough to make me set my eyes on the screen throughout the whole movie is this man. Tom Sturridge.

He's just the perfect man for ANYONE who awaits in a boat somewhere in the North Sea. He's somewhat cute, I love his entire outfit throughout the whole movie, and the list that goes waaaayy too long. Oh, I'm in loooovvveee...Now wouldn't you want to be apart of it??

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  1. yay! i love that movie too! 15 minutes after i watched it, i downloaded the soundtrack. loving the soundtrack too. yeah!